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Top Engagement Photo Shoot Locations in Raleigh

Having your engagement photos taken in Raleigh, North Carolina? Here are the best spots, according to Instagram.

Pullen Park

This park is a classic! Close to downtown Raleigh, Pullen Park was the first public park in North Carolina.

Photo by Alaina Ronquillo Photography

The Meadows

This wedding venue doubles as a rustic spot to take engagement photos. As the name implies, gorgeous meadows a plenty for your shoot.

Photo by Krista Stevens Photography

The North Carolina Museum of Art

Not only does the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) have sleek, modern architecture, it also has an extensive outdoor park.

Photo by Story and Rhythm Photography

The Warehouse District

In the Warehouse District of Downtown Raleigh you’ll find a mix of old and refurbished buildings with that industrial vibe.

Photo by Allison Nichole Photography

Photo by Blissmore Photography

The Capitol Building & Downtown Raleigh

The Capitol Building and Downtown Raleigh serve as fantastic backdrops for couples who want a more modern engagement shoot.

Photo by Bronwyn Duffield Photography

Photo by Wimberley Creative

NC State University

I hate to even say it because I’m a Tarheel, but, NC State University‘s campus and Memorial Tower serve as the ideal backdrop for State fans.

Photo by Becca Rizzo Photography

Historic Oak View County Park

A 19th century farmstead with unique historic buildings. Bonus – it’s super close to Downtown Raleigh, so this spot would make a great natural contrast to your city photos.

Photo by Maggie Mills Photography

Where are you getting your engagement photos taken? Drop a comment below!

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